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The Production Phase is where the grantee will begin if the script is ready with a budget attached that has been voted for support. The GOAL of the Production Process: to get the project completed and in the can. This phase is the heart and soul of the filmmaking process. The Foundation will coordinate the production staff needed to complete the project with the grantee to the degree the need exists. The grantee may have a production team in place. In that case approval for project budget will dictate the start of this phase. Production needs vary based on the needs of the production. However most projects need: Casting Producers Diretors Camera man Editor Again these are basic categories to outline the process but even under each there can be many staff members. Other members of the production team that could be needed: Choreographers, Dancers, Music Producers, Composers, Singers, Executive Producers, Creative Producers, Make-Up Artists, Costumers, Craft Services, Lighting, Sound, etc. In addition, the Foundation will use its resources to staff different production roles as needed.

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