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Posted on Feb 19, 2014 in Russell Simpson | 0 comments

My Take on (RHOA) !!!

My Take on (RHOA) !!!


There isn’t that much to say today, but In the process of me getting my face beat, I just couldn’t clear my mind, it’s never to late to blog and give my input about (RHOA).  Last weeks episode of (RHOA) was a thrill and everyone knows that I have to give my take on the show. Singing lessons and skating, no-shows and low blows the ladies are being messier than ever, ok maybe not that much, but messy is messy no matter what level it is. There was no class in this masquerade or should I say Mess-querade. Kenya definitely killed Nene with kindness, she new exactly what she would get from the messiness she calls elegance. To wrap things up the evening ended with a little shade and a bit of getting played by Kenya. I agree with NeNe, Kenya was being selfish by doing what she did and her approach to patching up her and Nene’s friendship. I couldn’t do anything but , say WOW! What at show it was, cant wait until next week ladies.

Further more my Reality is coming along great the Production team MSE Foundation  and I are still knocking out meetings, and taking care of business, and working up till the air date , so stay tuned for more updates on the show by following me on Instagram: HOLLYWOOD_1980 or on Facebook: Russell Simpson



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