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Posted on Feb 14, 2014 in Announcements, Latest News, News, Russell Simpson | 1 comment

My take on my Reality show “Russell Simpson Is Hollywood”

My take on my Reality show “Russell Simpson Is Hollywood”


I’ve been thinking about my reality show a lot lately. I must say the feedback I’ve been receiving through my blog and emails has been very impacting on what I am expected bring to the screen and what everyone wants to see on the show. Reality stars have made their approach to me about my show making me realize that I have to go big with the show and “wow” them with something big not just looks and a great personality.

Before I wasn’t to sure if it was the right time for me, but I must give a lot of credit to the man above. Without him doing his job I wouldn’t have found the guidance to do the things which were best for me at the time. Now that the right time has came around and I have the right team I’m ready for great things to happen.

Reality doesn’t come easy it takes preparation and a hard working team. Being ready, and preparation is two of the main keys to having a good outcome and it gets difficult, but trust me I can handle it. With the team I have now, holding back isn’t an option. Soon I will begin shooting trailers to start promoting the show, I just can’t fall off my game now… Reality is a big thing now if your not dreaming about tomorrow than your focus is on yesterday.


To stay updated on the show and myself follow me on Instagram HOLLYWOOD_1980 or on my Facebook Russell Simpson

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