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MSEF website – relaunched

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

MSEF has relaunched its website. It has been upgraded for 2014!!! The website is much easier to navigate and see the amazing programs we offer Projects we are working on and information on LGBT entertainment! Everyone is welcome to join us in our relaunch especially independent filmmakers of LGBT television and film.

In our 4th year, the Foundation is excited to work with Corporate Sponsors and you the community to grow support for and help produce more LGBT Media.

It’s a new year MSEF looks forward to your generous gift and support of $1 or more a month!! No amount is too small :). It’s easy to make a donation. On the website click on support then on Donate!

If you’d like to consider becoming a MAJOR GIFT DONOR ($350/month) that will get you VIP to monthly celebrity event, contact the executive director via email directly at: subject line “Major Gift Donor”

Welcome everyone

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