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Posted on Nov 26, 2015 in Announcements, Closet Case, News, Press Release | 1 comment

MSEF partners with LGBT Indie filmmaker Anthony Williams

MSEF partners with LGBT Indie filmmaker Anthony Williams

The Foundation is proud to announce that it is supporting independent filmmaker “Anthony Williams” Writer, Director, Producer of “Closet Case”. As fiscal sponsoree, the project benefits from the Foundation’s 501(c)3 status to raise funds for production completion. Congratulations to Anthony and the Organization looks forward to helping you become successful.


All those who wish to support this project and receive a tax deduction must do so through the Foundation’s portal

Visit and click DONATE under the SUPPORT tab. When processing your PayPal transaction, enter “Closet Case” under “Please Specify referral name.”


Closet Case is dramatic comedy set in today’s society where everything is “ordinary.” Axel lives the life of an All-American, alpha male with a wife and a son. Society, as he knows it, is the way that it should be. One evening, Axel heads out for drinks with his best friend Evan.  During their banter, Axel lets it slip that he doesn’t understand how guys can be attracted to other guys and doesn’t know how someone would want to choose to live their life that way.

After passing out into a drunken stupor, he wakes up the next morning finding the tables have been turned—gay society is now the norm and straight society is now the outcast, yet Axel himself remains a straight man trapped in a predominantly gay world. He finds that he is missing his wife but has since gained a husband; everyone he knows is far from how he remembers them; and everything is completely opposite to what he is used to. The film follows Axel as he tries to find ways to stay in the closet as a straight man, cope with this alternate reality, and learn to grasp the things he once didn’t understand. It isn’t until he is left facing the risk of losing everything that he gets a true insight into what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence of an “ordinary” reality.

This quick-witted dramedy is highly topical and solemnly deals with many issues relevant to American society today such as same-sex marriage, adoption, the recently repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military, and most of all, the ever-rising epidemic of bullying in the school systems and suicides amongst kids today. It presents many thought-provoking messages, raising questions in one’s own mind, and clearly stating the main message that everyone is the same on the inside, no matter who they love.

Closet Case 2r

1 Comment

  1. I think it is an awesome story we can look forward to – perhaps it is the experience of a straight man suffering prejudice !

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