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Posted on Mar 12, 2014 in Announcements, News, Russell Simpson | 0 comments

Meeting Jacquan A.-Male Cast

Meeting Jacquan A.-Male Cast

I ended my last blog announcing my cast members for my show.  First with Jacquan A. one amongst a few  of  young  guys for the show. For those who aren’t knowingly aware  of who Jacquan A. is let me tell you.

IMG_0169Jacquan A. isn’t just a cast member he’s my stylist as well, with great taste in fashion and great ideas for my look. He let’s me know what is ok and what’s simply just not right. As an end result I’m always pleased.

Now aside from being my stylist, Jacquan A. also has things going for himself, from attending school for business and fashion he’s on his way to creating an image for himself.

Jacquan A. is setting out to do everything he needs to do for him, and to make a success of it all. In his words ” At the end of the day the next person isn’t going to make me money” well said from my stance. He’s doing many things for himself that most young people in general and in his age group isn’t doing. When you want something you must go out and get it, and that’s why he’s a perfect fit for the cast.










Now that I’ve introduced Jacquan A. What do you think of him ? Leave your comments below. Next Blog about my next cast member Tyrone Emanuel so stay up to date by following me on IG @HOLLYWOOD_1980 or on Facebook Russell Simpson

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