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Posted on May 22, 2016 in Articles | 0 comments

GLBT Blog Interviews Executive Producer Shahid Manning About Film Erotic Professionals

shahid_manningShahid Manning is the Executive Producer of Film Erotic Professionals which is based off Chapter 7 (Erotic Professional Years) in book I Rise By Toni Newman. Erotic Professionals will be Directed by Keith Holland and other Producers are Jay Gira and Alton Demore. The Head Writer is George P. Saunders. The Casting Director is Dea Vise of Billy DaMota Casting. The Film is the first for the MSE Foundation that Shahid Manning represents.

Shahid Manning is Executive Director of Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation (MSEFoundation). Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation represents a commitment to using the power of television and film to help eradicate the negative stereotypes and inaccurate representations of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered and Queer (LGBTQ) community worldwide.

In an era when LGBTQ lives increasingly intersect with mainstream media, film and broadcast media are powerful catalysts for change. The entertainment industry continues to face challenges supporting the production of gay film and television. Financially many gay films can’t get funding. Practically, as a gay man, actor, and activist I have seen how inaccurately hollywood has portrayed gay life and minimized gay characters storylines.

Here is the Interview with Producer Shahid Manning:
1)Why did you agree to be a Producer on the Film The Erotic Professionals?

I believe in the truth. The foundation’s goal is to support quality GLBT tv and films. Quality includes our truth. This film will be powerful and truthful and I like that very much. I also liked how the story focuses like a lazer on why the lead African American transgender character turned to the exotic arts (prostitution) because rejection by the business world solely on her gender. This story will begin to show society what a lot of African American Transgenders face in our society.

2)Why will this Film The Erotic Professionals be so unique?
The film is unique in that audiences haven’t been privy to this reality for many transgender females. From what i understand, the transgender experience in America is very unique and almost invisible in our society. We all need to see more true non stereotypical transgender stories.

3)Have you read the Book I Rise by Toni Newman and what was your opinion?
My thought was wow for this transgender women who overcame many obstacles just to be true to self. I thought what strength it takes for an individual to become the women she feels she is on the inside in the face of such a horrible possible reality.

4)How long have you been producing films and if first film Why this film?
I’ve been producing short LGBT films for years. This will be the first feature LGBT film for MSE Foundation. Why because its a good opportunity and its message is in alignment with the Foundation’s mission: To Transform Homophobia using Television, Film and Media

5)Who would be the viewing audience of Film The Erotic Professionals?
In my opinion LGBT film is for everyone. This film in particular speaks about bisexualty, femininity, heterosexuality, gender and sexuality. The LGBT community needs more inclusion in mainstream society at large especially the transgenders to how their homophobia effects the LGBT community .

6)What is MSE Foundation about and what are your goals?
The mission is that we are about creating a nurturing and creative environment for the creation of lots of LGBT TV and film. THere’s a lot of gay white male films and whats missing is the muticultural and minority GLBT experience. We invite writers, directors and creative professionals in to develop GLBT tv and film for all.

To find out more information about MSE Foundation go to The book I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman is available on and webpage is For more info on the film Erotic Professionals go to To find out how to be apart of this unique film

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