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Fact Sheet

MSEF needs your help in forwarding the LGBT media movement!

 We appreciate your support!


I just learned about MSEF via Twitter and love the mission — what a wonderful, and needed, force you will be in helping millions make and find media that matters!

joe-wilsonJoe Wilson
Independent Filmmaker
Emmy Award Achievement
in a Documentary


Our Mission

At Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation (MSEF) our mission is TO CHAMPION THE CAUSE OF Independent Filmmakers of LGBT media: television and film. Dedicated to fostering the careers of a community of artists traditionally underserved and underrepresented in mainstream media, who embody diversity, innovation, uniqueness of vision, and the next generation of talented filmmakers.

Why We Are

In the 1980’s, the women’s movement engaged Hollywood to help with women’s rights at a time with they were mostly secretaries or nurses. 30 years later we are about to elect our first female president.

In 2009, a few filmmakers got together to create a short film that creatively combined popular music with strong gay images of two men a love story back dropped with song. It received over 100K unique views. But the most incredible thing was one man’s comment. He said, “I’ve never seen two strong men together before. I’ve been DL for life. But, that video gave me the strength to come out to my family and friends!! Lifetime mission accomplished. Now it’s time to have that effect on as many lives as possible.

IMAGES MATTER!! They affect use all; they shape who we are as a culture and help define our collective values. MSEF is that conduit of change for the LGBT community by supporting Queer Images that Matter for all the aforementioned reasons.

What we do?

As a result of being on the front lines, MSEF has become an incubator of fresh, exciting, LGBT stories and film properties. As such, the scope of our activities are driven entirely by the particular needs of the contemporary LGBT filmmaker.

The Foundation’s over-arching goal is to eradicate homophobia through Queer images and stories conveyed in film and television. The Organization will achieve that goal by: 1) creating an environment where independent filmmakers can develop original LGBT media and combine their assets to do so and 2) providing a pathway for the independent filmmaker to access the mainstream marketplace.

Key Initiatives

  • Writer’s Room
  • Artists Development
  • Grant Support
  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Access to mainstream marketplace
  • Presenting “Millennia Scope Gala” (post-Oscar event for the LGBT Entertainment Community)
  • Presenting “Innovators in Los Angeles” (honoring innovators and supporters of LGBT media)

Look at what we’ve done so far with determination and drive and very little resources. Just think of the possibilities with your support.