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Posted on Jan 14, 2014 in forum | 0 comments

CHOZEN: animated show about gay white rapper: epic FAIL!!!

CHOZEN: animated show about gay white rapper: epic FAIL!!!

Not only do the critics agree that CHOZEN FX's new farce that aired on Monday 1/13/14 about a white hip hop artist is bad humor - Critic Hank Stuever said, "FX’s Chozen: A bear on the loose steps into a trap of bad humor".  As a black man, I was horrified at the typical antics of clueless producers in Hollywood who feel that anything Black is up for grabs to mock and trivialize!!

Now since Hip Hop is mainstream everything  from the VMA's awarding a white man best rapper in 2013 to this  cartoon mess seems HIP HOP is currently on Hollywood's revisionist history agenda!?! 

Where do I begin with the horror of this monstrosity??? It's like a minstrel show... CHOZEN is portrayed as if his "blackness" was really learned from his white background, the black and brown characters are either stereotypically the Villain, bad rappers (get that sh&T), or stupid. Chozen makes the black jail character his bitch where in real life you know its the other way around. And the big in your face, the rap song used during the episode was ironically and hypocritically in real life produced by black men.  

My White friends were embarrassed my black friends were horrified like I was LOL.

My white gay friends message to Hollywood men who hide behind mockery, "it's ok to depict the truth about others; it wont diminish your masculinity!" 

Message to Hollywood - JUST TRY REALITY! It sales LOL... 

I really wanted to be entertained, but was left cringing.

I'm left with one word - REALLY!!! One reaction "HUH".  And more evidence that MSE Foundation was created just in time and  has its work cut out for it!  If gay black and brown men don't come together to invest in their images in media they will continue to be bombarded by attempts to re-market their social contributions in white face. HIP HOP now what's next? 

Unfortunately, the deep seeded belief by some black producers in Hollywood is that Black or Latino LGBT film MUST have a white face to be successful! Why?  It's just not true!

Beyonce and JayZ aren't white and they sale. 50 cent and method man aren't white and they sale.  The producer of 12 years a slave isn't black and he sales, the director of the Butler is black and he sales, Oprah is black and she sales, Magic Johnson is black and he sales and the President and 1st Lady are black and they get elected twice!!! There are endless examples.  

This notion of White is right and the only thing that sales is a cop out. Maybe, to make an easy buck you put a white face on it!!! But believe me with the right resources black and brown culture represented by black and brown people is salable across ALL color lines. :) We simply need to pool our financial resources to produce quality stories from our perspective. 

How do we effectively pool our financial resources together to produce quality LGBT media? We support a nonprofit organization: MSEF is a nonprofit production company created to depict LGBT black and brown communities as viable and productive members of society in media.

Donating is easy.  No amount is too small.  Click on support the donate!

NOW LETS TALK ABOUT CHOZEN.. What do you think? 


1) What do you think about CHOZEN?

2) Do you think black and brown cultures MUST be in white face to sell? Does Chozen do this? If so, how does that make you feel?

3) Do Hollywood producers feel that anything black is up for mocking?  

4) What do you feel about Method Man participating in a show like this that Mocks hip hop and depicts it as a White man's art form?  

5) What would you suggest MSEF support to remedy this void in lgbt media?


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