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Posted on Oct 12, 2012 in Latest News, Media Gallery, Video | 0 comments

Boys will be boys

“BOYS WILL BE BOYS” is a Racy Art Indie Thought-Provoking Ground-
Breaking Epic Motion-Picture Event about a Down-Low Bisexual NCAA-Basketball-
Player, NBA-Potential-Number-One-Draft-Pick, Gang-Banger slash Underground
Rapper, who impregnates his private/secret Gay-Boy/Homie-Lover-Friend, who turns out
to be One of The Twelve Reported Rare Reproducing Hermaphrodites in The Whole
World, and watches his College and Potential NBA Sports Careers take a downward
spiral while he faces the music with his Family, especially his Mother, who wants the
Pregnancy aborted, which will kill his Pregnant Lover but she doesn’t care as she’s not
having it (her Grand-Children given birth to by a “Freak-of-Nature” as she calls his
Lover), and as if that’s not enough, his vindictive Ex-Girl-Friend, who previously aborted
his baby, is trying to kill his Gay-Boyfriend to get back with him while his own
Neighborhood Gang Big Homie rains orders on him to kill his Boyfriend or be killed

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