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Posted on Feb 14, 2014 in Russell Simpson | 0 comments

Answering your Questions…

Answering your Questions…


Just to let everyone know I see the questions and comments about my show and to answer a few of the questions, I will be responding to some of them in this post.

Q.1  What will the show be about, and who?

The show will be about me Russell “HOLLYWOOD” Simpson of course, the show will focus on my life moving forward and pursuit of a career in HOLLYWOOD.

Q.2  Will my family be apart of the show?

The show isn’t about my family, that would be like me going to work with them. I have a job that needs to be done with the load of work i have, I really don’t have time to play.

Q.3 Will my god children be apart of the show?

My god children will be featured in the show on and off just so you can see them, thats about it.

Q.4  The name of the show?

Well the name of the show is “Russell Simpson Is Hollywood”

Q.5  When will trailers be shown?

Trailers are being shot, waiting on the production team, (MSE Foundation) now working with a few networks (Bravo, We Tv, and OWN) takes time.

Q.6 Where will the show be filmed?

The show will be filmed in my home, and while traveling on the road.

Q.7 Who will be the cast?

The cast will be my closest friends.


Your questions were great keep them coming. Stay up to date on what’s happening by finding me on  Facebook – Russell Simpson or on Instagram – HOLLYWOOD_1980

Thank You!

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