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Posted on Oct 8, 2012 in Video | 0 comments

Adam Lambert tribute to gay marriage

Adam Lambert tribute to gay marriage

Adam Lambert pledged his support for marriage equality in Maryland before thrilling a benefit crowd with an intimate, stripped-down performance.

Headlining a benefit show for Marylanders for Marriage Equality in support of Question 6, the referendum on the state’s Civil Marriage Protection Act, the openly gay pop star noted, “When it comes to these types of conversations, it has nothing to do with what religion or where your moral compass lies…everyone has the right to choose whatever religious or spiritual path that they want to choose, and that’s fine. But if I’m going to respect that path, you’ve got to respect my equal rights.”

Thought he described himself as “not that politically minded,” the “American Idol” alum nonetheless called marriage equality “something that I can wholeheartedly back up.”

“Everyone has the right to just love who we love,” he concluded before launching into “Outlaws of Love” off his “Trespassing” album, which topped the charts earlier this year. “You can go to your church, you can go to your synagogue…but give us equal rights under the law.”

In other Question 6 news, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley stressed in a conference call earlier this week that another $2 million needed to be raised to defend his state’s same-sex marriage law ahead of the Nov. 6 referendum.

“We do need to raise another couple of million dollars, and if we’re able to do that I believe that we will pass this,” O’Malley is quoted by the Washington Blade as saying. “And raising those dollars is critically important for our ability to be able to defend this at the ballot.”

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