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Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation, Inc. (MSEF) is a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit tax deductible charitable organization. Until now, MSEF has been working on the infrastructure that will begin to support, produce, and award quality and diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) visual media (television, film, webisode, and theater) – despite the obstacles. The Foundation will become a major resource to help ensure the success of filmmakers (writers, directors, and producers) and playwrights of LGBT visual media.


MSEF’s mission is to champion filmmakers and playwrights of quality and diverse LGBT visual media that embodies diversity, acceptance, innovation, and non-stereotypical uniqueness of vision.


WHY DID WE CREATE MSEF? (see “What Is MSEF doing now page” )


Because we believe that visual media is amongst the most powerful tools to affect change and acceptance. community isn’t a collection of stereotypes but rather a valuable and robust part of our community; build strong role models for our youth; and help foster acceptance. As we all strive to socially accept the LGBT community in sports, military, clergy, and every other facet of society, MSEF exists to ensure that filmmakers and playwrights have the financial and logistical support they need to successfully complete and distribute their productions – Diverse LGBT images matter!




For many people, visual media is a major source of knowledge from which they learn and form impressions about different groups in society. To date, visual media’s depiction of the LGBT community has primarily been steeped in false stereotypes rather than reality. In addition, visual media has primarily failed to represent the diversity of the LGBT community. We are a diverse group.


Try a quick 2-part experiment:


1. Count in your mind the number of falsely stereotypical LGBT characters you have seen in our mass
media in contrast to those who are truly representative of the whole spectrum of our population.


Answer: too HIGH.


2.Consider the ratio of truly diverse – in every way – characters in LGBT programming to those you most
commonly see: young gay white men.


Answer: too LOW.


Only when this evolves to reflect who we ALL TRULY ARE will public perception and impression of our community be accurate. MSEF is THE PIONEER in this change. MSEF is changing LGBT visual media; as a result, MSEF will help make a positive change in society. In order for the Foundation to continue growing, your support will help ensure it continues to thrive.






To date over 20 volunteers, consultants, employees, and board members have spent over 2 years building an infrastructure strong enough to begin supporting filmmakers of LGBT visual media by:


1. Developing a quality award show that will recognize the best and brightest in contemporary and historical LGBT visual media. Currently gathering A-list LGBT celebrities and high-end supporters for a historic, first-of its kind undertaking; think of it as the “LGBT Oscars”; Using visual media, the entertainment community can: demonstrate that the LGBT


2. Building a robust, resourceful, and dynamic website that continues to grow to become a vital tool for filmmakers and playwrights;


3. Supporting a thriving writer’s room with award-winning screenwriters dedicated to developing the next generation of LGBT television and film. (Several film and television projects are already in development.)


4. Sponsoring our first independent short film competition (currently accepting applicants);


5. Consulting with over 30 independent filmmakers and growing to understand their needs for success;


6. Developing connections with many of the largest and most reputable production companies, networks, and executive producers who invest in  and/or distribute LGBT Television and Film content (e.g., TLA Releasing, Wolfe Entertainment, Sean McManus, Huffington Post, and many more);


7. Forming a quality group of board members, volunteers, consultants, and employees dedicated to the Foundation’s mission;


8. Forging relationships with other LGBT organizations (e.g., Outfest, GBMnews, Fusion, etc)


9. Creating new forms of artistic expression that will help foster acceptance

(e.g.. )


10. Producing online LGBT webisode content: video and over 30 webisodes

(e.g., Interviewing Hollywood


HOW WILL YOUR DONATION(s) HELP? ( visit Donations page)


In many amazing ways!! Metaphorically, your donation will be the gas that makes the spectacular car we’ve spent years building continue to speed forward! If you believe independent LGBT television and film are critical to our culture and to the future of entertainment, please donate now.

Donations to MSEF will support a variety of programs for filmmakers, film industry professionals, and film lovers, as we begin to:


1. Provide production grants to filmmakers of LGBT Television and film who are already part of our effort.There are so many independent LGBT  filmmakers who have created amazing projects that need support. Each story different that the last and unlike anything produced. These are exciting times; LGBT television and film are new. There are endless stories that need to be told. With the Foundation’s support these filmmakers and many others stand ready to succeed.


2. Produce a large-scale, high-end quality Academy Awards-type show called the “LGBT Television and Motion Picture Awards” that will recognize and encourage more quality and diverse film and television projects;


3. Develop more dynamic and diverse LGBT television, film, webisode, and theater content;


4. Activate the Foundation’s Fellowship program that will allow MSEF to produce LGBT visual media;


5. Build a robust online platform/network to distribute quality and diverse LGBT visual media content;


6. Hire quality personnel;


7. Increase our fundraising and community outreach efforts;


8.Upgrade the Foundation’s website to become a robust resource for the LGBT entertainment community and to those who what to see more;


9. Continue to advocate for more distribution of quality diverse and non-stereotypical LGBT television, film, webisodes, and theater All of us at the Foundation are excited to partner with you to support filmmakers of LGBT visual media that embodies diversity, acceptance, innovation, and non stereotypical uniqueness of vision.




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